Acoustical Wood Wool Board

Wood shavings of Duraboard are formed longwise and parallel with the wood fiber in 1~2 mm width and 500mm length dimension and with white cement as the binding element which is processed with alkyd paint by using ivory color (for interior acoustical board purpose) with spray system painting to make the woods shavings and hollows looks natural.

The main characteristic of Duraboard:

  1. Fire proof : Based on Norm Germany DIN 4102 in B1 group namely the inflammable building material.

  2. Climate resistant : Duraboard is mineralized by cement so that the humid climate and sun heat shall bring no effect to Duraboard. Even direct water exposure or humid room/area will not make it rotten and expanded.

  3. Termite/Flea resistant : cement mineralized woods shavings also protects this board from termite and other fleas because the solid and hard wood is not digest able bu pest and any avoid any rotten or other harming biological process. This has been proved by some experiments/tests.

  4. Good heat resistant : With its low density(400Kgs/M3) and hollow shape, Duraboard is able to insulate heat perfectly with maximum conductor of 0.90W(mEK) for 25mm thickness or more.

  5. Acoustic : Non-finishing Duraboard has an excellent acoustic nature due to the irregular and hollow texture that enables it to absorb maximum sound. It is perfect for building/high way/construction or room with requires good acoustic and sound absorption.

  6. Finishing Material : The installed Duraboard may given with various finishing such as: cement, refined plaster,spray paint or covered with carpet or soft material and other finishing process according to taste and architecture value.
Flexible indensity
Pressure Intensity
15 mm 8.50 570 1.7
25 mm 11.5 460 1.0
50 mm 19.5 390 0.5
75 mm
375 0.4 0.15

Acoustical Wood Wool Board
  1. 100% fine pine fiber board (100% green products)
  2. Anti-moisture & durable structure)
  3. Class 1 fire retardant
  4. NRC : up to 0.43 (ASTM C423 E-mounting) even higher with C-40 mounting.
  5. Thickness: 15mm . 25mm & 50mm
  6. Size: 600mm x 600mm , 600mm x 1200mm , 600mm x 2400mm
  7. Paintable with spray paint.
  8. Suitable for ceiling . wall . and hanging baffle in any interior place where need acoustical treatment.
 Acoustical Test Report
Practical Application:

Wide fiber wood wool board
  1. 100% fine pine fiber board (100% green products)
  2. Durable structure to combined with cement to be partition in the building.
  3. Class 1 fire retardant
  4. Thickness:. 25mm 50mm 75mm & 100mm
  5. Size: 600mm x 1200mm , 600mm x 2400mm
  6. Light weight to reduce building`s loading.
  7. Easy installation with spray cement on the board.

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